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Visa Documents Required

If you choose to book an overseas trip with us, we'll strive to provide you with all assistance in completing the visa and documentation requirements and will provide guidance regarding the required documents, as well as the submission of your application on your behalf, whenever allowed by the concerned consulate. But, it is to be noted that the issue or denial of an visa is the sole right of the embassy, and our role is restricted to the role of facilitator. Some countries also require personal attendance for an interview before making a decision on the issue of an visa.

In this section, we'll try to provide you with essential information regarding visa requirements in the country you are traveling to. Additionally, you will be able to download relevant visa forms and guidelines.

Disclaimer: It is the obligation that the Tourist/Group to ensure that they have valid travel documents such as passports and Visa until the end to the trip. If any travel document , such as a visa is rejected or expires or is canceled by authorities, the traveler must pay for all the risks resulting from it and all expenses that result from it. The Company does not assume any responsibility whatsoever with regard to the above issues.

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United States Of America
Below is a list of documents needed to apply to obtain a United States Of America Study visas for Indians.

Passport - A passport can be described as a document required for international travel. The passport is issued by the the country in order to confirm the nationality and identity of the applicant.

Old Passport - An older passport one which has expired or is fully stamped. For visa processing it is necessary to keep track of the history of travel for the person applying.

Photos - The image is given to the authority in order that you are able to be identified using the identical.

Eligibility to get United States Of America Study Visa

To be able in order to enter the nation using visa, you'll need to meet the following requirements for eligibility.

  • You must be able to prove that you have a valid and legitimate purpose for traveling to a country.
  • You are eligible to pay for all expenses The applicant must have sufficient funds to provide for your family members and yourself during the duration of your stay.
  • Motives to return must be able to establish strong bonds with your country of origin that guarantee that you'll be able to return to your home country after your stay.
  • Be of good character You should possess a clean criminal record and be in good standing. You might be required to submit an PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) for the same.
  • Be in good health - You must at least meet the minimum health requirements required by the authorities.
  • Have a good health status - You must meet at a minimum the minimum requirements for health stipulated by the authorities.
*Important Note:

Embassy/Consulate has the right to require additional documents or an appearance at an interview in certain circumstances. Documents submitted in the above mentioned manner doesn't ensure that you will be granted, therefore it's recommended to obtain a professional consultation for your visa. Incomplete documentation or a refusal to show up for an extra visa interview could result in the denial on your visa request .

The information contained on this website was created with the greatest care. However, regulations and other requirements can be changed.


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